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How To Structure Your New Web Site Content

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How To Structure Your New Web Site


Making a start understanding what web site content should be on your web site can be daunting. Further, how to structure your users to navigate through your site’s content pages needs to be simplistic.

Looking at the menu system of a site, there can be many levels under the main root level of your site.

With this in mind, creating a menu system with the your content is the initial step for structuring your sites’ navigation. You can do the traditional method or online version to create your web site visually – as detailed below.


There are some steps that can ease this burden.

  1. Grab a piece of A3 paper or butchers paper
  2. Start by drawing out each of the menu areas you wish to take visitors when users arrive to your site.

    For example, ‘root menu’ can consist of pages such as Contact Us, Products, The Company.

  3. Then is sub-menu or level 1 menu items under each of the root menu items.

    These can be Categories / Sections drawn down from the root menu names.

  4. Refer below for an example of how to draw out your content in a conceptual diagram.

Website structure

There is however another method online.

A web site call Mind Meister has a basic Free entry package offering users to create & map out their Web Site.

Once you login and create an account, simply go to your Dashboard and click New Mind Map / Browse Template Library and presto you can begin mapping your site content ready to share with your Web Developer.

To your online empire.

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