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Building a Good Client-Developer Relationship

If you are currently in the process of launching or developing a website, you need to understand how important it is to build a good client-developer relationship. Through the course of a project, the client and the web developer need to take time and effort to communicate with each other.

MAC (Modify/Add/Change) vs. Enhancement

The web developer should educate his client and inform him regarding any changes that need to be done as this is crucial to the success of a project. Changes are good and they should be welcomed, but both client and developer should agree with these changes before they are implemented.


If you are a client, you should understand that there is a huge difference between a simple MAC (Modify/Add/Change) and a labour-intensive enhancement. MAC consists of simple changes such as:

•editing text and typographical errors

•modifying links

•changing colors and sizes

Enhancements include:

•using plug-ins

•modifying third party plug-ins and other labour-intensive enhancements

•adding features that do not come with the regular installation of CMS (Content Management System)

The client and the developer should spend time brainstorming during the course of the project. Communication is important in order to strengthen the relationship and for the developer to know what message the client wants to get across through his website. At the end of the day, the client’s achievements and failures are also the developer’s achievements and failures. Both client and developer should know that they are on the same boat, aiming for the same goals.

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Why Using Flash Can be Problematic

In the design armoury, flash technology is regarded as a useful tool for web designers. Indeed, it can spice up a simple webpage and give an artistic feel to your website. A flash-based website can look impressive because of neat graphics and animations. However, using Flash can be unfavorable to the performance and ranking of your website. The following are some of the biggest disadvantages of Flash:

1.Longer loading periods – Flash files contain sound effects, bitmap images and embedded movies that are big in size. Those who have hi-speed Internet connections will have no problem at all loading flash-based websites. However, they can take a while to load for those who have slow Internet connections.

2.Lack of platform support – not all users have Flash installed on their operating systems. Some of those who have it installed occasionally do not have the right version. This does not apply to desktop computers alone but to mobile devices as well. For instance, if you own an iPhone, you probably know that you cannot access flash-based websites on it.

3. Not all information embedded in Flash are seen by search engines – if the goal of your website is to gain high search engine rankings, then it isn’t wise to make your site Flash-based. You may not be aware that search engines such as Google and Bing struggle when trying to extract textual information from Flash objects. If your website is constructed entirely in Flash, it will offer very little or no textual information at all. As a result, your website receives poor search engine rankings.

4. Flash animation can be too “flashy”. In an attempt to make websites look attractive, many owners feature complicated Flash animation sequences. The downside to this is that it can be distracting for users, and can seem a little over the top. Also, because of complex animations, important bits of information may be overlooked.

Although there are instances when Flash is necessary, you need analyse whether it will allow you to better communicate with your audience or not.  Flash is a great way to thrill your visitors with exciting animations, but when used improperly, it can repel instead of attract them. Knowing the disadvantages of Flash will help you decide whether it is necessary or if a static HTML content is already sufficient for your needs.

How To Build Web Links Or Back Links Organically


Building Web Links Organically


Without exception, the best method of building links is to interest people. If that equates to making news or being contrarian then so be it.

Press releases in an isolated manner will not do it. What needs to be done is;

  • Newsworthiness of what is done – that does it
  • Produce news that people talk about, or can’t help talking about

Applying the above point’s links will start to show up. For free!

Do something REMARKABLE. Be it an event, content, resources, a crazy or weird video, whatever.

Read “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin. This could be easily interpreted as the link-builder’s bible for organic link creation.

Above all…finding a better way in your space where you play and be different.

Apple was different – nothing too crazy but successfully change the landscape of their PC range.

We see many people pay lip service to ‘niche marketing’ while just thinking it means targeting SME / SMB customers. It doesn’t. What is really meant is taking the road less travelled.

In the context of the conversation of Link Building, it simply means being individual and remarkable. That’s not an out of this world theory. Simple terms, part of having a USP and building a brand.

Brand is another frequently mentioned but rarely grasped concept. Brand is by no means exclusive to the big boys. If anything, I would say it is far harder for a big business to have and control a genuine brand identity. In part, so many different people are involved in each decision or direction.

Real Estate is a prime area where personality can matter. Where building a brand will directly relate to profit and success because most realtors choose that other, much walked about path. Real Estate is one of those professions where customers often think the realtors are a bit shark-like, only interested in their commissions. When you meet one with genuine warmth and concern for the customer it he or she shines through.

Why wait till you meet the customer to stand out? Use a blog to show your passion for what you do, and for who you SERVE. Forget a crazy video, but what about breaking your territory down into neighbour hoods and filming a short video tour of the area, in which you show them the walk to the local coffee shop, that nice little deli on the corner, and the trip to take the kids to school. In that video, you talk about the feel of the area, and prospects see locals saying hello to you. You show people the community they’ll be buying in to.

Sure, it isn’t likely to be a massive piece of link-bait that goes viral on youtube. But it WILL get noticed, and will be remarkable. IT is taking the road less travelled and giving people a reason to link, and to like.

Got a whole lot of links from other marketers appreciating the tactic, in addition to some wider interest links from remarking (that remarkable word again) on how different this was.

The road less travelled.

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7 Questions To Ask Your Future Web Developer Company

7 Questions To Ask Your Future Web Developer Company


1. Leverage Off Shore

Can your web developer company or team utilise professional expertise off-shore?
Times have certainly changed where globally we have the ability to create ‘virtual teams’. An Australian company integrating
an off-shore team has major benefits. Not only cost, but an ability to work around a 24 hour schedule for critical projects or activities.
Does your web developer company have a portal that you can load tasks-online for on-going development work?  The ease of sending tasks, requests or issues to a development house is becoming critical, a company should have the ability where all data is inputted in a central online location and managed to completion.